Slots and Android casinos

Every Android casino ( ) carries several slot games. Know the right strategies for acing your slot game by reading this article. Every slot has several symbols placed haphazardly on the reels. To win, you have to rearrange these symbols in a winning order.

There are numerous ways of winning money on slots. However, on Classic games, the winning combinations are limited. These games are very easy to play and have fruits, candies as their standard symbols. Also, these games have just one or two paylines.

Android casinos and video slots

Video slots on the other hand, are more exciting and have varied symbols. Since these games have 25 or more pay lines, you can win money in many more ways. A pay line is basically a winning combination of symbols.

Some video slots also have special symbols and features. These comprise Wilds, Scatters, and Multipliers. Special features include free spins and bonus games. Wilds stand in for the missing symbols in a winning combination. There are several kinds of Wilds- Expanding, Stacking, etc.

What do Scatters and Multipliers do?

Scatters appear randomly on the reels and trigger the free spins and bonus games. When these features activate, you get more playing opportunities. Multipliers can accompany Wilds and Scatters and multiply the base earnings 2x, 3x or even 1000x.

If you look at the game's paytable, you can find out which are the special symbols. You can also find out the individual values of the normal symbols of the slot. Click the 'i' on the screen and read the pay table.

RTP and volatility

Every video slot also has an RTP value. This value indicates that slot's profitability. RTP is expressed in percentage; find your slot RTP on the gamepage . You should also find out your game's volatility. A highly volatile game can make you rich very quickly.

Lately, many Android casinos have begun introducing variable RTP slots. Many newbies find these games affordable. After all, they can win lots of cash by betting very less money! Punters have the option of playing their games in manual and auto modes.

Best winning strategies

Get a welcome bonus from your casino. This bonus should be applicable on slots as well. By having this virtual money, you can unlock your game's many secret features. Secondly, video slots having special features and symbols are good.

If you haven't played any slots before, try them on the demo mode. Thankfully, many Android casinos offer some of their games in the free or demo modes. However, you will have to sign-up with that casino to play these demo games.